Fall Annual Enrollment Period for 2023 (AEP)

For many, this can be a confusing time of year. So, let’s talk about what exactly is the Medicare Fall Annual enrollment period?

This is an eight-week period every fall in which Medicare beneficiaries can enroll, change/update or disenroll from their Medicare Advantage/ Part D drug plans. Advantage and Part D plans get to refile benefits with Medicare each year. Existing premiums and benefits on your plan may change or increase. This election period exists to grant the opportunity to make a change in your existing coverage if you are needing to do so.

However, if you are happy with your current plan you DO NOT have to make any changes at all. With that said, the majority of beneficiaries do not make changes each year. Still, this is a great time to review your upcoming plan changes to determine if you would like to make a change. Through September your Insurance plan provider sends out a document called the Annual Notice of Change which lists the plans changes side by side from 2022/2023. Reviewing this makes it simple to compare any coverage updates.

Why you may want to change your plan?
Some common reasons changes are made to plans during the Annual Enrollment period may be if:

Your plan is eliminating an important medication for you next year- Plans must disclose dropping medications or if it is moving into a more expensive tier.

Your Medicare Advantage Plan is dropping your doctor from its network – If your doctor is leaving the plan’s network, you can still use the Annual Enrollment Period to Swap to an alternative plan that your existing doctor is a part of.

Drastic Premium increase- Insurance may raise just like everything else does. If you notice a large increase you may consider looking to see if other plans are potentially more cost-effective.

If you are content with your current plan, do not feel obligated to make any changes just review the notice and contact Jessalyn Pito for help if you do need to change.

Fall Annual Enrollment Checklist

  • Review The Annual Notice Of Change
  • Medicare Fall Enrollment Period is Oct 15 – Dec 7th
  • Consider if there are benefit changes for next year
  • Unhappy with changes?
  • Compare plans with Jessalyn’s assistance to choose and apply new coverage
  • January 1st – begin using your new coverage.



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