Step into the New Year with Medicare

The new year is here and with that, some big changes may be coming to Medicare in 2023. We will do our best to keep you in the loop. For now, we are here to guide you with the Medicare you have and the questions you should be asking to kick off the new year by getting the most out of your Medicare plan.

Did you remember to review your Medicare in 2022?

Reviewing your Medicare health and drug coverage annually will help you determine whether it still meets your needs and whether you want to make changes. Even though you are not required to enroll in Medicare every year, you should still consider your options. If you made a change, your new coverage started on January 1. The new costs or benefits of your plan would also begin on this date if you keep your current coverage.

It is important to note that from January 1 through March 31 you may switch to an alternative Medicare Advantage Plan or enroll in Original Medicare (and a different Medicare drug plan) once while still enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. After the plan receives your request, any modifications you make will take effect on the first of the following month.
Start your 2023 coverage off right by ensuring you are getting the most value out of your healthcare plans. Take the time to learn about preventative services that are offered. Numerous preventive services are at no cost to you thanks to Medicare. Inquire with your physician or other healthcare professionals about the preventive services you require, such as screenings, shots or vaccines, and yearly Well visits.

For some, it’s best to utilize your Medicare handbook to ensure that you have the knowledge necessary to make the best choices for your medical care. To find out about the prices and insurance coverage for services, look through the manual. Of course, if you have any questions or confusion, it’s best to contact Jessalyn Pito directly for assistance so that you will have confidence with your chosen Medicare plan.

If you have not yet, it’s time to find out which plans your go-to medical professionals are accepting in 2023. You might want to call the offices of your doctors and request to speak with the billing division. They ought to be able to inform you of the plans that they are accepting in 2023.

Does your existing plan still cover the medications you take? Has your health changed, or do you now have different needs?

As always, most of us want to begin the new year healthy. Be proactive to stay healthy, if you are in good health, you’ll spend less on retirement health care costs. Medicare offers a wide range of immunizations, preventive screenings and well-being programs for free. Use 2023 to utilize these valuable programs.

Turning 65 in 2023 and need help with your Medicare decisions? We understand, choosing the best protection for you can be overwhelming. Additionally, a significant portion of the assistance you might receive comes directly from the insurers, so it is normal to be questionable of their advice. This is where Jessalyn Pito can help and serve as your Medicare Maven at your disposal when you’re ready.

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